Photo by  Sofia Borba

Photo by Sofia Borba


Matilde Viegas, b. 1990

Born and living in Porto, Portugal.

Inspired by friends, she began photographing film in 2008. Using the camera as an instrument of connection, she photographs intimacy instinctively. Ten years later, she's still using film exclusively.

Currently juggling between creative freelancing, baking and a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry.

Available for work inquiries, or simply say hello, at


Something to remember you by, 2011 (solo)

Ondas numa corda, 2012 (collective)

Estas fotografias merecem paredes, 2012 (collective)

Carmencita Showcase Autumn, 2016 (collective)

20x20 - ideias em confronto, 2017 (collective)



A Mãe na Suíça, December 2011. Published by o panda gordo.

A hand written, hand stitched album with c-print pictures, 32 pages.

1st printing of 21 numbered copies.

As a result of the economical crisis our country was facing, in June 2011, my mother left Portugal and moved to Switzerland. Three months later, I visited her for the first time. This book is an album made with pictures taken during those 4 days. Having to write my feelings, and our story, 21 times (one for each book) was a way to internalize change.

Women, December 2012. Published by o panda gordo.

20 pages, A5, full color digital printing, hand stitch binding.

1st printing of 30 numbered copies

"(...) women I’ve met here [Porto]. Every single one of them gave me something new and they all have taken care of me in the past few years (...)."

3, April 2014. Published by o panda gordo.

Three women shoot a roll of film of  36 exp for a week, and each selects 3 pictures from her roll of film. In collaboration with Joana Valente and Ariana Ferreira.

24 pages, 30 x 40 cm, black and white digital printing, hand stitch binding, hand cut cover.

1st printing of 30 numbered copies.

My Mother in Switzerland, a diary of absence, Photobook Dummy (unpublished), 2017

This book came as a conclusion of 6 years visiting my mother in the village where she currently lives, in Switzerland.

36 pages, 20x15 cm, color laser printing, hand stitch binding. Developed and assembled during Page Turner workshop with Paula Roush at the 8th Photobook Fair in Lisbon. This dummy was also selected to be at the Fiebre Photobook Fair in Madrid.



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Coverage of Fusing music Festival, 2013

Mr. Spoqui for Future Positive, 2013

Mandrax Icon (album cover), 2012

Boys on film #3, 2011

Girls on film #11, 2011


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